Many people approach me with injuries or niggling pains which resulted in either a complete lack of activity or failure to achieve the goal in mind…

“I used to run but it hurt my knees –  so I stopped”

“I fell over skiing and that was it for the week”

“I go to a gym class but never know if I’m doing things properly”


From a book I’ve recently read ‘Fierce’ by Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman (and victim of the Larry Nassar case on sexual abuse), the importance of training preparation was highlighted:

Even Olympic gymnasts, after a year out, were required to do over two months of body conditioning (simple strength and endurance exercises) before coaches allowed them to attempt even a simple tumbling skill (combination of moves performed on the floor) when returning to give the next Olympics a shot.

This was to ensure that every muscle, ligament and tendon was strong enough to deal with higher demands and falls without injury.

Aly Raisman Book 'Fierce'


Preparation and education of movements are crucial for prevention of injury from physical stresses such as running on hard or uneven ground or lifting, may this be your own weight, kettlebells, household items or a small child for example.

Personal training sessions will…

  • Prepare you to apply your strength and ability safely outside of the gym and minimise any injury risk in everyday tasks
  • Be tailored to your needs and teach you about your body, which muscle groups you’re using/engaging
  • Help to improve balance and stability

Théa Payne Personal Training Bristol


Being caught out by a bout of illness gave me the rare chance to complete this book from start to finish in six days!

Intrigued by hearing more from the American gymnast and two-time Olympian whose words caught my attention with a confrontational speech at the trial of Larry Nassar, (Doctor sentenced for sexual abuse including members of USA Gymnastics) I read about her journey.

Having trained as an elite gymnast myself and coached the sport too, I was able to relate to the story well.  It also reminded me to rest when my body needs it (from work, social and life admin too!) soak up some determination despite feeling low, stay focused on the things that I want to achieve and seek advice from professionals when things aren’t going quite how you want.

Here’s to a healthier and positive February,