Lose Fat . Feel Strong . Have More Energy

Right now you may be feeling…

… frustrated with your ‘spare tyre’, or wondering how you can build more muscle, trying everything but not seeing the results you want and you keep slipping back into bad habits.  You need routine otherwise won’t do anything, won’t make time for exercise or perhaps you simply don’t know what to do in a gym and need an introduction.  You want to get back into the clothes you once wore and need a routine that works and fits around your sedentary job that causes pain, tension and stress.

Main benefits:

    • Take the guess work out of training and stick to a proven yet bespoke plan that actually works
    • Build muscle for tone and definition with proven training techniques and nutritional advice
    • Improve core strength to eliminate back pain and firm and flatten your belly
    • Get back into shape after a long break, injury or childbirth
    • Make lifestyle changes and create lasting healthy habits
  • Feel stronger, happier and more confident

Overall transformation you can expect:

  • Overall you will reduce unwanted body fat and build lean muscle. You will have more energy and improve your physique, posture and skin.
  • You will feel healthier, happier, less stressed and be able to focus on other aspects of your life with more confidence and looking great.
“I contacted Théa as I wanted to try and lose some weight/tone up before my wedding and I was told she was great.  I certainly made the right decision, the sessions were very high intensity to help with my weight loss and really focused on helping to tone my arms in particular.  We discussed diet and how I could make some small simple changes to help with my goal. The sessions were hard work but really enjoyable and I always felt great afterwards and that I’d had a brilliant workout.  I would absolutely recommend anyone wanting to get fit, tone up or even getting some help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle to book sessions with Théa!!  It has really made me make better decisions about my diet in everyday life which has helped and I felt great on my wedding day!”
Emily Grainger, Teacher

Keeping you on track:

  • Consultation and lifestyle meeting to assess your unique needs, prior to training
  • Nutrition assessed and monitored
  • Weight recorded weekly
  • Resources provided with guidance on nutrition and wellbeing
  • Additional resources and periodized training plan to follow outside of gym session

In order to gain the most from your investment, keep you focused, committed and avoid fallbacks, a higher frequency of training sessions is strongly advised in the first stages of your training plan (especially where weight loss is a major concern).

I got in touch with Théa as I was increasingly inactive and didn’t have the confidence to start a new sport or to go to the gym.  My personal targets were to have the confidence to take part in regular exercise independently and to look and feel healthier.
Training gave me a huge dose of confidence, in terms of stepping up and volunteering to try new sports/activities and getting into a regular routine of going to the gym – and exercising!  It’s reassuring to know that you’re doing exercise correctly and not injuring yourself!  I’ve made some huge positive changes to my lifestyle and no longer fear turning up at the gym with no idea where to start or what to do.
Most invaluably,  I’ve learnt that with a bit of determination I can try anything new and that I’m fit enough.  It’s satisfying when you notice you’re achieving more than you did even the week before.
Théa’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious and I always felt confident that she knew the best way for me to train, gauging the right level to push me but also having patience, even on those days where you just feel worn out and rubbish.
Highly recommended.
James Minty - Mechanical Engineer

Who is this for/not for:

Training is an investment in you so you need to really want to make the commitment and enjoy the journey to losing fat, feeling strong and having more energy before you start.

  • This is for you if you are fed up with your health, back pain, lack of fitness, body shape and are 100% ready to make a change
  • This is for you if you are serious about making lasting changes to your health, physique and wellbeing and can commit to regular training

It takes two to tango!  I am 100% ready and excited to help you improve your physique and wellbeing, however, I need your regular input in order for you to get the best results from your investment.  Are you ready?

Your results are my priority