Right now…

…if you’re saying “I’m too old for this” – forget it, you’re not over the hill yet! Age is just a number and regular activity, moderate strength training and a good diet will keep you young and avoid health complications.

Main benefits:

  • Keep your bones strong, your heart healthy and avoid falls and accidents

  • Improve your balance and learn how to hold yourself with confidence

  • Improve strength and flexibility allowing you to continue with activity without aches or pains

  • Prolong your youth and keep up with the grandkids

  • Reduce the likelihood of breaks or joint replacement surgery

Overall transformation you can expect:

Overall you can expect to stay looking younger for longer with improved posture, continue with regular social activities, eliminate aches and pains, have more energy and feel great.

‘Théa gives us individual, well thought out, structured and exercises – totally client focused.  She makes it look easy and pushes us further than we thought we could achieve.   It might sometimes feel like hell when your muscles are burning, but it is worth it when you feel great the following day!”

Gill & Paul Goodchild (56 & 60), Goodchild Interiors

Keeping you on track:

  • Consultation and lifestyle meeting to assess your unique needs, prior to training

  • Resources for guidance on nutrition and wellbeing

  • Continued support outside of sessions

  • Suggestions for local active groups

  • Avoid deterioration of muscles and keep your bones strong with weight bearing activity and avoid weight gain.

  • Constant monitoring with aerobic exercise at the right intensity for you

Who is this for/not for:

  • This is for you if you’re struggling to do the things you used to, slowing down and have constant aches and pains 
  • This is for you if you’re gaining weight or flabby areas with age, looking and feeling older and wish you could take the years off

Your results are my priority

“Thanks to Théa’s knowledge, expertise and encouragement I am making really significant progress in getting and maintaining fitness after, literally, my many decades of neglect.  A friend recommended Théa last year and since going to her sessions I haven’t looked back. She tailors everything to the individual.  I am now developing core strength, balance, flexibility and physical confidence. I also really value Théa’s genuine enthusiasm in my progress.  I particularly appreciate the fact that Théa provides me with exercises and movements which I can do at home independently without specialist equipment. I recommend Théa most highly.”

Kristine Mason O'Connor, 70 , Retired University Lecturer

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