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Personal Training Bristol lose weight and tone up
You want to get back into the clothes you once wore, need a routine that works and fits around your sedentary job that causes pain, tension and stress.
Do you want to build muscle but question how or simply don’t know what to do in a gym and need an introductory kickstart?


You’re already into your running and want to improve your personal best, compete in more exciting events (such as 10k/half marathon) and stay injury-free.
 You want to get into running but afraid of being too unfit, lack confidence to join a group and wish you could get that ‘runners high’.


What used to work for you is no longer and you’re seeing unwanted changes in physique and mental state due to hormonal changes. You’re a busy woman and want to do what actually works without having to exercise every day.  By applying the latest scientific research done on women, we’ll use what works best in the transitional peri-menopause so you can boss the menopause and post.
Use it or lose it:  If these years are already behind you, there’s no better time to start than now.  Keep up with the grandkids and stay able.

Théa Payne Personal Training, Bristol

From a background in International Gymnastics and Athletics.

I combine my love of teaching, performance sport and the importance of health and nutrition to a career in providing one-to-one training.  With extensive training and teaching experience under my belt, I use these diverse skills to provide bespoke Personal Training sessions for you and deliver great results in achieving your specific goals and improving your wellbeing.

Private studio training with great outdoor space