Run Faster . Run Further . Injury Free

Right now…

You’re already into your running, you want to improve your personal best, compete in more exciting events (such as 10k/half marathon) and stay injury-free.


You want to transform your body and maintain a healthy weight by understanding how running in the correct zones will help you get to where you want to be.

You are ready to get serious about your exercise and want a specific plan to follow.  You want to progress that bit further and avoid plateau or have a plan in the lead up to your next event. 

Overall transformation you can expect:

You will beat your personal best and have a plan to follow based on your current fitness level and target distance finish time.  You will reduce the risk of injury and be a faster and more efficient runner.

Main benefits:

  • Receive a video analysis of your running technique, explanation of corrections to be made and how the programme will improve each stage of running movement

  • Receive a periodized training plan based on your running pace and goals

  • Learn ‘how it feels’ when putting the the various components of your training plan into action

  • Learn how to train smart and avoid fatigue

  • Learn how to avoid/rehabilitate injury

  • Understand the basic biomechanics of running

  • Learn how to replicate the movements of running on the gym floor and train every muscle specifically for running

  • Improve core strength for performance

  • Learn effective stretches and mobility exercises

  • Gain nutritional advice

  • Suggestions for upcoming sporting events to enter

Keeping you on track:

  • Receive a video analysis of your running technique, explanation of corrections to be made and how the programme will improve each stage of running movement
  • Using activity tracking applications such as Strava, I will monitor your training outside of sessions and adjust training in accordance
“I contacted Théa to help me improve at running.  I compete in triathlons and running is by far my weakest discipline.
Théa showed me warm up exercises to do to activate my glutes and went through a few different running workouts with me that I could do myself.  Théa was able to critically analyse my running technique and almost immediately helped me to improve my stride and cadence.
The analysis of my running was given more depth by a digital analysis whilst I ran on a treadmill.  This helped me visualise the points Théa made about my stride.
After a couple of sessions with Théa and a number of my own sessions using the techniques Théa taught me, I improved my 5k run time by 5 minutes.  I also found that running was easier for me, I now go faster without putting in more effort.  Highly recommended!”
Sophie Jarzebowski, Architect

Who is this for/not for:

This is for you if you already run regularly (or used to) and take part in organised events/races.  You wish to get more serious about your running and are prepared to complete the training runs set by me between our sessions and really see a change in finishing times, eliminate injury and gain a deeper understanding of of physical preparation and nutrition 


This is for you if you’re just started out or need some guidance and motivation to make a change in the right direction.  You will learn how to prevent injury, avoid fatigue and fit in training around your busy schedule. If weight loss is a goal this will certainly help and I guarantee mental wellbeing will improve too. 

Why train with me:

I’m a very keen runner myself and competed in Athletics in my youth after 10 years of gymnastics training.  I practice what I preach and take part in events. Running significantly improved my wellbeing in my mid 20s and I will teach you mental strategies for a better lifestyle through running as well as the scientifically proven physical training techniques for a holistic approach. 

Your results are my priority


Sports massage and physiotherapy are available at the training facility at an additional cost.

“Don’t let the elements stop you, get outdoors and run whatever the weather”