Théa Payne.  Personal Trainer – Bristol

Hey, I’m Théa…

I’m an ex-elite level gymnast where my passion to help you is derived from a youth of training and competing in gymnastics and athletics, later moving to coaching, creative studies and teaching children & adults of all abilities within sport, the arts and language.  

Background in Gymnastics:

As young gymnasts we’re taught to move very well and efficiently.  We’re trained to be strong – physically and mentally, work under pressure, face great heights and fears of falling.  We fall many times and get back up again.  We’re disciplined, focused and extremely dedicated.

Gymnastics gave me endless goals to achieve, where determination, focus and practice necessary to succeed in such a versatile sport, taught me to apply these skills to any challenge I take on in life.

Use It Or Lose It:

As a result of this incredibly skillful sport and continuous practice, my core strength and agility remains, allowing me to run, jump, somersault, swing, climb, play and delve into almost any other activity with ease and excitement.  I want you to have fun like I do and realise the potential of your own body.  

Varied Sporting Experience:

My experience includes coaching gymnastics and field sports in the UK and USA, delivering strength & conditioning programmes and stretching courses to the high performance athletes at Bristol UWE.

I have much experience in education, leading creative workshops, sharing my knowledge and experience and I combine my sporting and teaching loves into personal training and wellbeing.  I thoroughly enjoy supporting people through their fitness journey  – making a difference to lives. 

More Activity:

My current hobbies include Trail running, salsa dancing, Spanish language and I absolutely love travelling the world, trying new cuisines and beverages and gaining an insight into the many different lives people lead.


Always up for trying new activities with excitement, my ability and curiosity has me never turning down a challenge or an opportunity for new experiences.  Time and time again, I’m reminded of the positive effects exercise has on my own physical and psychological wellbeing and my appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve is ever increasing.

I will share my enthusiasm, teach you to realise the potential of your own body and encourage a happier, healthier lifestyle.  With the right training programme, determination and support, you can achieve your goals and ultimately have more fun.

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